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Rentals - Presentation...

 What we offer!

A pleasant holiday, long well deserved vacation, or a quiet life ;)
All this in the sun, feet in the water all year round ...
... For a low cost of living étonament!


Homes we offer, are all recent residences, while the oldest are
the decade just passed ...
These luxury residences luxury, are some 50 meters from the seafront and 800 for
the less close, with direct private access (pedestrian) to the famous Jomtien Beach (View Talay 5, 6 and 7),
and 10 minutes from Pattaya beach resort internationally known.
Except Regarding the View Talay 6 which is the sea of ​​Pattaya, just off the major center
Central Festival shopping, (one of the largest in Thailand and the largest mall in Asia
beachfront, approximately 200,000 m²).
The apartments and studios are fully equipped, all the comforts European fashionable Thai (Kitchen,
electric hob, microwave oven, air-conditioning + programmable remote, fan, hot water,
widescreen LCD, ADSL high speed internet).
The surface varies from studios of 32m ² - 38m ² - 48m ² to continue on apartments ranging from 65m ² to more
245 square feet, all have balcony and sea view (beautiful bay of Pattaya or Jomtien and according to the condo), decoration
Thai or European as condos.

In the residence, beautiful pools (there are 2 for View Talay 2 and 5), while a pool
too beautiful for other residences, with different pools for the younger ...) with equipment
modern. You will have the ground floor of different shops ... Restaurants, convenience stores, laundromats,
dry cleaners, cafes Cybers, Hairdressers, Thai Massage parlors, etc. ... 24H/24H security for access to
residence and parking for two cars and wheels, (more for comfort than for safety, because
as you can see, there are few places in Europe as safe as Thailand and this much
in the quiet places that the busiest corners and at all hours ... ).
To embellish all this you will have numerous activities that will delight everyone: sports
boating, jet skiing, diving, kytesurfing, big game fishing, cruises, golf (course some of the most "
beautiful "in the world, karting, hiking, shooting, paintball, zoo, visiting islands, theme park (park
Botany, School of elephants, monkeys school, crocodile farm ect ect ...), bungee jumping,
temples and shopping. Drop zone within 30 min for lovers of free fall, baptism and / or training
for glider, single engine or twin engine .. You'll understand that there is something for everyone ... ;)
If the night world is your domain, you can just 5 minutes away, to be the heart of Pattaya and enjoy
and its restaurants, bars, nightclubs, clubs, ... Thai Massage to relax your day
sports or you will be tried for a more energetic and exciting night for the tireless?? ...
You'll understand all the comforts of europe with a much lower cost of living, a permanent smile
population, and a sun that never sulky disseminating its benefits just the right temperature, which we
allows without suffering heat to enjoy the beautiful Bay of Jomtien 365 days a year!
Enjoy the largest resort in thailand. (+ And popular all over asia). (Top 15
world with more than 5 million visitors a year, preceded by Bangkok top 3 with over 11 million / year).
We speak (fluently) French, Italian, English, Thai and are on hand to advise you
all circumstances, your holiday to your installation! (Good understanding of Spanish).

View Talay 5c
Tappraya Road - Pattaya City
Chonburi - 20150 - THAILAND

Mobile : +66 8 96 07 98 96
Mobile : +66 8 27 13 09 21

Creation date : 29/09/2011 @ 16:16
Last update : 05/02/2012 @ 21:00
Category : Rentals

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