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Visa - Introduction


Mere formality for someone and real adventure for of the other one...

The demand of visa should generally be simple, if it was without counting the persons trying to make some profit on soft dreamers not filling the conditions and wishing all the same to have the sesame to be able to réster on the Thai térritoire all year long and at a lower cost.

Before colliding in this thorny problem, to keep for the spirit that in everything the cases the delivery of a visa by consulates and embassies rest in their discretion (they are their own terms), what what means more clearly that they have without having to give any explanation, the right to say to you NOT.

It is however necessary to forget everything the bla bla which it is so easy and frequent to hear... Because even if the Thailand has the politics to favor in the foreigner only the spending and not the spot installation... It is necessary to recognize that for the persons presenting a clear and appropriate file the visa is systematically given.

It is strongly disadvised to play with 'pro' of the tourism and the other foreigner to install in the country of the smile for a long time and expert " I know how to install you here... "
It often means, " to play with the imitation and the other passport which travels only (and will return with a plug seeming to you more beautiful than nature for a very good reason, it will be the truth but not registered with the immigration ).

All this will have understood it to you is strongly disadvised and punished severely going of the ammende fee and eviction until the detention and blacklistage, (ban to return in the country).


Do not worry, for your holidays the file or rather the small sheet to fill rest from simpler and will give you no concern if it is not to have to go to make 2 passport photos.;)
Simple, double or triple entered the tourist visa is simple to obtain. The sheet of demand of visa to be filled, 2 photos and 1 photocopies of the passport shall allow you to obtain your tourist visa.
The free access of the tourist visa being seen renewed by the Thai government until March 31st, 2011 will make you save 'at the moment' approximately 30 euro (rate) 2010 for a simple visa entrance.


Here you are with some bases concerning visas.

You go to be able to consult during the menu (on your left) the diverse types(chaps) of visas and nécéssaires formalities in their obtainings.

Good courage and good luck.


Summary of bases on visas

 - Never give your passseport to an agency or whoever it is for the obtaining of a visa. (Excepted the office of the immigration naturally).
Your passport for some type of visa that it is must " be accompanied by you " and not a third person who will make cross the border (sport national of the agencies).

- It is in theory asked by the Thai law to provide an evidence of " possibilities of departure of the térritoire or the resources " (we speak about the visa about tourist concerning the others aimed at elements to be supplied are more many).
These wanted elements can be " plane ticket return, visa for another country, financial means etc.
In the practice it is seem t-il rarely asked.
Personally, I have never had the problem in spite of my numerous tickets 'one-way trip' used...

- according to the law some countries (which the Thailand) some transport company can refuse you to the boarding,
For the following reasons...
One-way ticket (without return thus), flight return upper in 30 days or no visa...
Your arguments in that case will be the same that in front of agents of the immigration on the Thai territory.
( Show valid visa for the other countries, the spot purchase of plane ticket to continue the tourist journey on the other country etc.)


- avoid OverStay and to banish OverStay of more than 30 days.
Understand by OverStay the fact of exceeding the deadline of stay authorized on the territory.
It will be punish 500 bath a day of delay, a possible punishment of emprisonement and a possible Blacklistage.


Never anything of on many " of eventualities " BUT the most reliable still are to stay in nails(boils,pawnshops) and to respect the dates of visa... tongue

Concerning these dates exactly, the only dates to be taken into account, are the dates of entrance and exit of the territory.
Whatever is the hour of entrance or exit of the térritoire, the date of day count for a full day.

Also to take an account that an authorization of stay of 30 days is not a visa of month.
What means that if you arrive on December 1st, your authorization of maximum stay in case of "Visa On Arrival" (for example)
December 30th (of the same year) will be.
The 1st (in the daytime of your arrived being inclu) you have only 29 days is 29 + 1 on December 30th.
And not a departure January 1st thinking of credit note was in its right to take advantage of month (in December), this small overtaking will be punished to you in OverStay...frown


Information collected(taken in) on the official site of the foreign office of the Kingdom of Thailand.
Address of the page concerned: http: // / Web / 2637.php (in English or Thai).


Do not hesitate to make your contribution via the forum, the blog or to send me an email via the menu planned for that purpose on your left.
Thank you also to indicate me by e-mail of enventuelles errors which would have skipped.



Creation date : 08/11/2010 @ 01:49
Last update : 18/11/2010 @ 02:24
Category : Visa

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