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Work in Thailand - Introduction

Getting a job in Thailand is subject to complex rules and procedures and draconian. Also, it is generally necessary to resort to legal firm specializing in a very good reputation for avoiding problems. Expatriates wishing to work must also ensure that the company will hire him or herself in good standing vis-à-vis the law.

The position traditionally booming Thai market Labour was damaged by the political instability in recent years, and by the global financial crisis. Legally, foreigners in Thailand are excluded from certain sectors of the economy so as to confine them in highly controlled. The expatriate candidate must overcome the barrier of language and culture and must also take into account that labor laws are very different and that pay scales are practiced very diverse depending on the origin of the worker.

To find work in Thailand, you must either be an employee within a company or to start his own business. The way to get there requires a lot of perseverance, time and money. Indeed, to preserve certain key sectors of their economies for the benefit of the jurisdiction, the Thais have instituted very restrictive laws on jobs for foreigners. Also, the success of finding a job in Thailand is it better served through the services of specialized agencies established in the country. Candidates with highly specialized technical specialties have the best chance of being recruited by local businesses.

Sectors Hiring Thailand

The recruitment of foreign workers is mainly oriented in the areas of European gastronomy, teaching the English language, programming and installation of computer sites for large companies, training in scuba diving for tourists visiting etc.. If by chance, some very specific technical skills are required for foreign companies operating there, the name of the specialty of these high-level technicians must be disguised under names do not conflict with the classification of jobs legally prohibited foreigners.

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Creation date : 01/05/2011 @ 18:19
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Category : Work in Thailand

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