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Our other Services - Taxi

What we offer here is a taxi service by a company official.

Whether you rent from us or not this service is independent and can be requested.

We offer taxis and minibuses for airport journeys / your residence and / or your residence / airport upon your departure.
But any way during your stay around the province into a park or whatever you wish to visit.

That at any time. 24/24
As many places (HuaHin, Crocodile Farm, Autapao airport, Kho Chang, Baan Pay ... etc..), I will share the most useful rates.
Feel free to request pricing on-site or via the website for a particular destination that you want to do during your stay.

Airport / Pattaya or Jomtien ... (To your home!) With the toll included. (Pattaya Airport = 125 km, beginning about 1:30 travel time)
Taxi = 1500 baht or 38 Euro incl.

Minibus = 2500 baht or 63 euros ttc

This service is open to all, and not seeing people concerned lorqui these are not a client with us, we ask that this service'm paid in advance. (Money that we put upon receipt to the taxi company that supports your journey).

Several possibilities available to you for the settlement, bank transfer to a bank account in France to limit costs, or if you desire an account of Thailand (in this case thank you stated that your bank transfer charges are at your expense because the amounts
indicated above should be approved so that we can settle your chosen means of locomotion).
I suggest you logically make a transfer in the euro area, bank transfer is usually free or much cheaper, in case your bank will apply even to the transfer fees (change banks in passing)
in this case consider the approach to the transfer fees at your expense.
To book your taxi or minibus you must:
Contact us (preferably by email) as soon as possible (think of the time required to transfer) so we can get the possibility to confirm your dates and send you our banking information.
In your email we need (to communicate with your taxi will meet you at the airport with a sign with your name will be entered) the following information:
Your name / surname.
Number of people.
The mode of transportation. (Taxi or minibus).
Flight number / company.
Arrival time of flight.

Country of origin of your fly. (Think of the call).
Your method of payment. (France or Thailand).

Once received your email we will reply within 24 hours with payment details.
Think when you transfer property to provide your references. (Name name).
Upon receipt of your payment, we arrange with the taxi company and you confirm it immediately via email. We can send you by mail a copy of the receipt given to us by the company when paying for your taxi if you made the request in your email.

For further information, please contact us.

Creation date : 01/11/2010 @ 00:58
Last update : 21/11/2010 @ 02:10
Category : Our other Services

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