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Visa - Tourist Visa

Tourisque visa is the visa most commonly used and most subject to controversy.

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, to limit the abuse of certain foreigners, modifies, adds or deletes regularly, the conditions to obtain a tourist visa, whether single, double or triple entries.

On the other hand, this in order to foster an ever greater expansion of tourism, Thailand is trying to induce the reluctant tourists, giving them benefits (such as free tourist visa, which comes from elsewhere to finish at March 31, 2011).

Things can not be 'too simple' the place of an application changes the game too, because do not forget that, as in many countries of the world, consular officers, immigration issue the tourist visa at their whim all steps necessary to accomplish or not.

However, do not worry, no country in general finds it advantageous to do this kind of 'politics'.

The criteria most commonly used (outside steps 'classic') by immigration and consulate, to limit abuse and tourist visa are as follows.

- Method of border crossing from Thailand and place of visa application. (Ground or air).
- Quantity of tourist visa 'stamped' on your passport (in a certain period of time).

- Criteria Official but not generally applied, except in case he doubted your 'sincerity' ... Who are the ticket for your return trip (or just any ticket you carrying out of Thai territory) as well as your financial resources (cash or money on you now to a Thai account in your name).

Turning to the specifications of the tourist visa.

It is valid for 60 days by default once back on Thai territory. it may be extended (usually 30 days) at any immigration office on Thai territory.

In case you've requested before your holiday a tourist visa, the holiday ends, you out of the country, otherwise you will overstay.

In case you have applied for a tourist visa, double or triple entries, so after your stay in one of the immigration office in Thailand and your obtaining an additional 30 days, you must first go beyond these 30 days ( the limit if you want to make the most of time) to pass the border, more precisely through any 'border, the consulate is not necessary because the formality that you must do is, exit the territory and re enter in order to obtain your passport on the release date and time your first time tourist visa, and the date of your 2nd tourist visa ... Voila you and left for 60 days for permission to stay in the territory. To take again 30 days at the end of this 2nd tourist visa, you must repeat the procedure to an immigration office in the territory before the end of those 60 days.

Regarding the tourist visa three entries, the operation changes a bit.

In fact a tourist visa three entries will not allow you to be longer on the territory.

It can actually be in the territory as long as double entries, 180 days ...

Its advantage is that you can leave the country once again.


A double or triple entries will exit respectively 1 or 2 times the territory, knowing that you get out of Thailand, your visa in use it at 10, 30 or 59 days of use will be ' worn, and when you re entry, you use your 2nd visa, or 3rd in the case of a triple inputs and 2 outputs already made.

Many people think that by doing the same steps as for the double entries, either: 60-day extension at immigration 30 days, then exit and re-entry 60 days etc etc ... it will benefit and in time of 9 months (9 * 30 days = 270 days), which is theoretically not possible for one good reason that the tourist visa must be used within a certain period of time.

Outside it is a tourist visa single, double or triple entries, all entries must be used within 6 months of obtaining the consulate of your visa.

So you do 60 days with or without an extension are reached 6 months of entry with the 2nd or 3rd extension entry without an extension.

It is always possible to try to juggle, for example:

First entry + 90 days extension = 2nd entrance without extension = 150 days and then leave the country first use of the 3rd entrance with extension this time ... If this happens you will have 210 days, without having to play on the extreme limits of days, which should be a little more favorable to the border ... (For more greedy, the maximum remains the standard approach of double entries is: 60 + 30 + 60 + 30 +60 +30 by the approach the previous day by security (bp transport etc).

However, it remains a juggling that could leave you at the gates of the land of smiles ...

In addition, routes, and fresh approaches (1900 baht ( around 43 euros ) to immigration offices for expansion), plus the border post. etc.. Making this visa a visa that is not the cheapest ... ;)

Its price also varies according to the consulate, the country of application and course numbers of entries.

Usually 25 to 30 for a single entry, multiply by the number of entries like, either uen range of 25 to 90 euros on average.

Document required for tourist visa (single, double or triple entries).

- Form Downloadable Application formvisa in 2 copies.
- 2 passport photos
- The amounts claimed (which varies by location of application, about 30 euros per single entry).

You may be asked for your tickets and your financial resources.

Creation date : 17/11/2010 @ 19:10
Last update : 01/05/2011 @ 15:55
Category : Visa

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